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A&M Investigations, LLC  Guns, firearms, shooting, training, ammunition, accessories, firearms sales, gun sales, weapons, hunting, shotguns, handguns, conceal carry, target rifles, gun safteyIn owning a firearm, you must undertake full-time responsibility for your firearm's safety and security. You must protect yourself and all others against injury from the firearm. In particular, you must secure firearms from children or those who act like children.


Many safety features are incorporated in firearms. For your safety and the safety of others, do not rely on mechanical features alone. Only your safe gun-handling habits will ensure the safe use of your firearm. This is your responsibility. Accidents do not just happen. Accidents are the result of violating the rules of safe gun handling and common sense. Insure the safe use of firearms. Follow these essential safety instructions and warnings.


I. The Fundamentals of Firearm Safety

The three basic general rules of safe gun handling



II. Additional specific rules of safe gun handling

Safety Rules Related to the Shooter and His Behavior



Safety Rules Rlated to Your Target












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